Best Rate Guarantee

Why booking somewhere else if we can guarantee you the best rate available? If you find a better rate than the one found on our web site, please contact us and we will confirm you the best price found but we will also reserve you an extra 5% off on your booking.

How does our Best rate guarantee program work?

While booking a room you have found a lower online rate compared to ours? Contact us and we'll check them together.

You have already booked on and within 24 hours you have found a lower rate on any online booking site, we'll give you the same rate found plus an extra 5% off.

Terms and Conditions

La tariffa trovata in altri siti web deve rispettare le seguenti condizioni:

  • Same hotel
  • Same kind of room and of bed
  • Same arrival and departure dates
  • Same conditions applied in case of cancellation, payment, changes, restrictions, sale
  • Same number of guests
  • Same kind of treatment (breakfast included or not, and so on)
  • Same currency. In case of a different currency, the Interbank rate of the same day from will be applied

Comparing the rates means including all the taxes due.

The Best rate guarantee can not to be combined with any other offer.

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